Back 2 Basics

Health & Wellness Center

Back2Basics is an eCommerce health & wellness store endeavouring to reach the world with the truth about invigorating health through nutritious food and healthy living.

Why choose us?

We promote the Eight Laws of Health: Pure Air, Clean Water, Sunshine, Good Nutrition, Exercise, Proper Rest, Temperance and Trust in Divine Power.  

Our store is evolving with holistic natural products in skin and beauty, weight loss, herbs, supplements, and solutions in preventive care equipment, as well as educational books on various topics from fruits and vegetable juicing to GMOs and their effects. We welcome you to visit our creative health portal website regularly and take part in the weekly updates.


Back 2 Basics will provide everyone with the ability and creativity of developing better health and vitality through the use of holistic and natural products and solutions.

Back 2 Basics promotes and assist in the Laws of Health and the natural help that nature gives against diseases. Our products are geared for all through our fascinating storefront as well as our online business.

Back 2 Basics recognized living a healthier, energetic, empowering fulfilling life is a desire of all mankind. 


By using the products that Back 2 Basics offers we believe you will experience a sense of tranquillity and of prosperous health.  People who are battling health challenges, those who want to reduce weight and for all who desires to have a strong mind and body will have hope and help in doing so.  People that use our product have benefited in many ways and expressed a feeling of clearer thinking, more energy and a sense of well-being.


In acquiring our products Back 2 Basics strives to make available the most natural source possible. We have products that deliver the highest potential for an effective outcome.   Back 2 Basics offer nutrients in the form of powders, liquids, and solids which can be ingested or applied topically.  Some of our products can be life-changing and life-saving in nature and also has a holistic aspect.

Our high tech precautionary test and print-outs are scientifically studied. With regular monitoring health challenges sometimes can be discovered before they occur.

Our weight control program is beneficial to all who wants to control weight gain and those who want to maintain the desired weight.

Everyone longs and desires to have or be in good health. Back 2 Basics promotes good health habits by offering holistic natural products, preventative high tech evaluation, precautionary study with printouts and health seminars.

Our goals are to establish a community of healthy people, provide efficient service and develop a trusting and respectful relationship to all we serve. We plan on introducing ourselves to the public through online social media, community networking, flyers, new papers and friends to friends’ network.

We believe that it’s time we get back 2 the basics of simple living, simple foods and simple ways to stay healthy and fit. 

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” -